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Jodie Lee


Jodie Lee commenced building in 1970 and was completed in 1973 by Ian Arstall. Her plans were based on a Hartley Design from New Zealand, with Ian putting his own ideas into construction of the mahogany cabin. Jodie Lee's Hull is constructed with 3/8 coachwood ply, fibre glass to chine and plywood planking curved to create a flared bow. Her side planking 3/8 coachwood ply. and cabin top and decking are fibre glassed. She has a stainless steel bow rail, full instrument panel, radio and depth sounder. She is powered by a 3 cylinder 70 hp Chrysler outboard motor.

Ian has taken great pride in the boat and wishes to sell the her to someone who will also take pride in her as he has.



Price: $16,000

Contact: Ian Arstall

Phone: (03) 5221 7428