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Standard Flagpoles


  • The staff is made from laminated structural grade timbers.
  • Tabernacle is made from galvanised steel, bolted together with galvanised bolts.
  • The Tabernacle goes beneath the ground level by approximatly 26" to 32" and is concreted in place.
  • Treated with penetrating epoxy wood preserver and finished white with marine quality two pack paint system.
  • The turned wooden truck houses the bronze halliard sheave. The halliard is ¼" yacht braid fitted with flag clips. A traditional cleat is fitted for making it fast.


3 standard sizes available:

  • 20' (6 metres)
  • 26' (7.8 metres)
  • 30' (9.2 metres)

* add about 4" for tabernacle to calculate height of pole above ground.

Special orders are invited including flagpoles with yards, gaffs and topmasts.

A Gaff and Yardarm are available to attach to the standard 30' flagpole.

sorrento couta boat sailing club flagpole