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A cruising sail boat that will awaken the explorer in you and take you cruising anywhere in the world with style, comfort and safety.

Hand built the “Wooden Boat Shop Way” this boat is economic to build, maintain and run, with looks to die for.

Outline Specifications

L.O.D:     46'0"     

Draft:     5’6”

L.W.L:     40'0"     

Max Beam:     15’0”

Jibboom:     9'0" over bow     

Displacement:     20 Tonne

Total Sail Area:     1,200 ft²     

Engine:     4JH4-HTE 110

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It is a common dream people have that they would like to get an old Cray boat and fit her out for cruising. Thinking the 40 or 50 year old boat only needs a few new cabinets and a coat of paint to embark on a cruise, turns out to be a very expensive time consuming exercise with the sweet dream turning into a nightmare of endless labour or an abandoned hulk laying in a yard.

We say build her up from new, the finished boat will be stronger, better and usually cost less!

In the early 1980s Tim Phillips got together with Ken Lacco to develop Tim’s idea of building a purpose built cruising boat. With inspiration from the Couta boats, Cray and Shark fishing boats of Bass Strait the lines for Jane were laid down.

Jane is specifically designed to give just the right compromise of sailing ability and performance under power. The balance of the hull form will ensure she is light on the steering, on all angles of heel and at different points of sail.

Download the brochure to find out more about WBS's Jane.

Download Brochure