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Couta Boats

Designed to catch barracouta in the open waters of Bass Strait, Couta boats supplied Melbourne with an abundance of fish up until the 1960s. Displaying tremendous seafaring capabilities, exceptional speed, featuring a large functional cockpit, a sail plan that is simple and easy to handle and spectacular, classic lines there is little wonder that the couta boats have experienced revival. 

Today the Couta boat offers an outstanding, all round boating experience, an experience that is typically shared with friends and family. The true essence of the couta boat way, is to enjoy all the virtues, have a leisurely sail, catch a fish, race against others and appreciate being an integral part of a heritage that goes all the way back to our beginnings as a maritime nation.


  • Length: 26’6"
  • Beam: 10'
  • Draft: 3’3"
  • Power: Yanmar 3YM 20
  • Sail area: 600 Square feet


  • Available in three sizes, 20’ , 24’ , 26'
  • Fleets sailing in five states of Australia
  • Easy to sail, race or cruise
  • Join the swing back to traditional wooden boats

WBS Couta Boats

With knowledge passed down from local fisherman and boat builders, like Jack Norling, Harry Clarke, Peter Locke and Ken Lacco, WBS Couta boats represent generations of evolution and refinement, years of dedication to learning and applying the skills and traditions of a bygone era.

Having serviced and restored hundreds of Couta boats over the past decades, the WBS have carefully analysed any structural failures and weaknesses along with hull shape and design. It is from this experience that the construction of new WBS couta boats have been perfected. Over the past 20 years, new couta boats emerging from the WBS factory have shown unrivalled speed, acceleration and handling, collecting line honours in every major race.

While a new WBS Couta boat will undoutably show outstanding sailing characteristics, the WBS believe that the real spirit of the Couta boat racing is governed under the handicap system. Developed by the Couta Boat Association, the handicap tests the skill of the crew and their performance on race day irrespective of the subtle differences found throughout the fleet.

The Couta Boat Club have strict guidelines for new boats. "I consider the new boats we build to be part of the evolution of the class", says Tim Phillips.  My design philosophy is to go back to the era prior to the influence of engines, to the time when the boats were purely commercial sailing and fishing vessels"

 "Any new boat should have good sailing characteristics, be well balanced, and not too big down the stern. It should have good carrying capacity, and obviously, it should sail fast. The hull needs enough depth forward to drift well for flathead, which was also quite a big part of the early fishermen's activities. If the boat is too shallow forward it will drift off at the head".

Testimonial - Mal Hart

When I decided to have a new Couta boat built, my first port of call was to see the boys at The Wooden Boatshop who have been building the Couta boats since their revival back in the early 1980s. After consultation with WBS they produced a set of plans that incorporated some of my own criteria and some improvements from WBS’s experience with previous boats they had built.

As a boat builder of many racing yachts and commercial craft It was a great pleasure to have the boat built and to follow and be involved in the process. The project was everything I hoped for from the outset, quality of build is superb and the boat was completed in a timely manner.

Jocelyn is a gem to sail and handles without vices in all weather conditions, she has proven to be extremely competitive among the Sorrento Fleet.

If you are considering a new Couta Boat I have no hesitation in recommending the Wooden Boatshop with the highest regard.

Mal Hart.

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