WBS Standard Boatyard Pricing

What we do

WBS Sorrento is situated on a 2½ acre site with 3 dedicated boat building sheds and a full engineering workshop.  

  • Full working boatyard facilities with two travel lifts.
  • Yanmar certified diesel engine technicians.
  • Extensive expertise in all facets of boat building from new vessel construction, to restorations and insurance work.
  • Slipping and storage of vessels weekly or throughout the year.
  • Queenscliff workshop with access to extensive hard stand, 150 tonne travel lift, and all other W.B.S. services.
  • Dedicated trade qualified professionals.
WBS Boatyard & Marine Travel Lift

WBS Standard Boatyard Pricing - Current from 01 July 2014

Includes haul out at Sorrento launching ramp, transport to WBS & set down on hard stand.
20ft and under $225.00
24ft and under $250.00
26ft and under $270.00
32ft and under on large triaxle trailer $380.00
Over 32ft by private treaty
Boat Home Deliveries Local Area Only Price by private treaty N/A

WBS Travel Lift Use

Lift to / from Transport (Allowance for 1 hr loading/unloading) $250.00
Additional time in slings $50.00 per hour
Yardage 20ft $36.00 per week
24ft and under $44.00 per week
26ft and under $55.00 per week
32ft and under $66.00 per week
VSR Rib on Trailer $33.00 per week
Over 32ft by private treaty
Bottom Clean High pressure wash down. $3.00 per foot
Additional high pressure cleaning work. $50.00 per 1/2 hour
Boat Building / Repairs Insurance work, restorations, repairs undertaken by trained WBS trade professional shipwrights. $90.00 per hour
Diesel Engine Work Service work, repowers, general diesel maintenance undertaken by Yanmar trained and authorised diesel mechanics. $100.00 per hour
Engineering workshop Fuel & Water tanks made to the Australian standard. Bow Rails. Stainless Steel & Aluminium welding. Propeller shaft manufacture, general sheet metal & turning jobs. P.O.A
Painting Airless spray painting for antifouling. $90.00 per hour
Brush painting, boats in the yard. $70.00 per hour
Centreplate / Case Maintenance
for 26ft Couta Boats
Plate removal $90.00
Inspection for worm infestation, tarring x2 coats (the only sure fire way for keeping the worms out), sand smooth plate, rust convert if required, paint with 2pk anti-corrosive underwater metal primer, paint with 2pk gloss. $560.00
Plate re-installation $150.00
Smaller plates reflect a discount of up to 25%
Vessel transportation Launching ramp slipping, Travel Lift, Truck, trailer including labour. P.O.A.
Insurance surveys Written insurance valuation if the vessel is in the WBS yard, Queenscliff or BYS Marina. $195.00
Prepurchase inspections are quoted on.
Signwriting Price determined according to requirements.
Ad for sale of boat on WBS website Listing for 3 months, includes detailed ad & photo gallery, also including display advertisement in the noticeboard outside WBS premises. $250.00
Fork Lift / Crane with Driver Minimum Hire 1/2 hour.  $50.00 per 1/2 hour
Festo Sander Hire 1/2 day hire $50.00
full day hire $80.00

All charges exclude GST.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Payment: Balance of all invoices payable prior to launching unless arranged by private treaty.

The suitability of vessels for all services to be decided by WBS