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The Wooden Boatshop occupies 2½ acres in the historic Victorian settlement of Sorrento on Port Phillip Bay, Australia.

The business has evolved from a purpose built facility for Couta boat construction to a complete facility for wooden boat design, construction, restoration and maintenance.

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From an early age, spent "messing" about in boats on the bays and ocean around the lower Mornington Peninsula, Tim Phillips knew he wanted to work with boats. The desire to take up a boatbuilding apprenticeship with Alec Lacco was thwarted by parents who decided Tim's education could be better used in the family building business. Tim completed his trade qualifications and then moved into a management position within this business.

During this period Tim maintained an active interest with a succession of boats, competing in successive ocean races and cruising the waters of the east and southern coasts. It was his encounter with the Couta boats that presented the opportunity for Tim to realise his ambition of working with well-built wooden craft. Winding up the family business Tim started his boatbuilding "apprenticeship".

Initially working with renowned fisherman/boat builder Jack Norling and then with the legendary Ken Lacco, a period Tim describes as "the highlight of my boatbuilding career". Seeking out the boatbuilders and fishermen of the Couta boat era; including Jack Norling, Ken Lacco, Harry Clark, Peter Locke and Jack Beazley, Tim has studied every aspect of Couta boat design and construction, keeping the history of this uniquely Australian boat alive!

Tim, ably assisted by wife Sally, are committed to the preservation and restoration of wooden boats and boatbuilding skills. In the past and future development of The Wooden Boatshop this has meant a commitment to the training of apprentices.


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Sorrento on the Park (Hotel Sorrento)


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The Baths restaurant

Pizza D'oh Blairgowire

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We invite you to come and visit to view the traditional Craftmanship of Boatbuilding and buy your parts and accessories.
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