Cygnet is a Ken Lacco design centerboard shallow-drafted couta boat built by Wayne Wood & John Jansson at Rhyll in 1985. Ken Lacco actually supervised her building.

Constructed from Celery Top Pine planking and deck, Spotted Gum ribs and Merbu keel.

L.O.A: 18'0"   Beam: 7'1"   Draft: 1'4"

Rig: Traditional Lug Rig mainsail and jib

Tim Phillips' comments: A great entry level boat into division 2 for $15k... a walk up start to the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club and the couta boat scene here in Sorrento. This little boat is presented how she was built, ie. honest and a straight-forward sailing fishing craft. She is fitted with a Yanmar 1GM10 which we put in quite a few years ago, just the engine installation alone would now cost north of $10k.

For further enquiries, test sail, speak to Tim Phillips.


Tim Phillips - 0407 244 336