Efficient 44

The Efficient 44 is styled on the Cheviot 32 and has all of the appeal of the same timber construction method.
The design is a collaboration between the team at WBS and renown Naval Architect Andrew Dovell (http://www.dovellnavalarchitects.com.au), together we have created a unique efficient craft that fits nicely into the Wooden Boat Shop range of boats.


Efficient 44
Efficient 44 - "Efficient"


Outline Specifications
Length Overall: 44' Draft: 3'3"
Beam: 13'6" Displacement: 8.5 ton
Engine: Yanmar 6CX 530 500hp @ 2800 RPM Speed: Max 26 Knots   Cruise 15 Knots
Fuel Capacity: 1200L Water Capacity: 330L


The boat is designed to cruise at 15 knots with a top speed of 26 knots and is fitted with a Yanmar 6CX 530. This engine has a continuous rating of 500 hp @ 2800 RPM. At 0.63 hp per kilo this engine is easily the lightest diesel available in its hp range. Not only does this engine promise great performance it far exceeds future EPA requirements, it is a very clean engine.

The layout is a twin cabin, ideal for two couples or family cruising. There is a whole stack of features on board this boat including, hot water, fridge, domestic style galley, all the comforts of home. - Tim Phillips

"The 44 footer eliminates the tyranny of distance and allows access to Bass Strait and its islands, some of the best cruising grounds in the world"

"The efficient 44 is proving to be a great opportunity to showcase the depth of talent we have among the staff at WBS". - Project leader, Tim Helliwell.


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